“They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life.”
1 Timothy 6: 18-19

Christian Stewardship is a fundamental part of Christian Discipleship. It is concerned with the gifts of God and the way we use these gifts. It is concerned with the love and commitment of God to his world and its people, and with our response to God’s love and God’s commitment.

2017 Stewardship Theme: Abundant Life, Joyous Generosity

Stewardship can be thought of as truly three significant elements – Stewardship of TIME, Stewardship of TALENTS, and Stewardship of TREASURES. There is nothing that more clearly reveals our spiritual orientation and relationship with God like our attitude toward Stewardship. Giving is truly a way to step out in faith and see God working in our lives.

2017 Faith Presbyterian Church Narrative Budget


Frequently Asked Questions About Stewardship


May I contribute electronically?
Yes!  Giving is easy by clicking on the Give Now button above and filling out the form.  Payments are processed securely by the Presbyterian Foundation, and you can manage your account through the web to access your giving history as well as options for regular giving.  More information on this process can be found here.

Additionally, please consider e-giving directly through your bank.

Why am I asked to pledge if I give?
The many programs offered by Faith Church – the outreach to help others in the community and the world, the salaries of our staff members, the care of Faith’s buildings and grounds – all require planning. The pledge process makes it possible for the leadership of Faith Church to anticipate a revenue stream for the year, and to prepare the annual budget accordingly.

How does this budget process work?
Each elected member of the Session serves either as the head or liaison of a Ministry at Faith Church. Examples of ministries include: Worship, Christian Education, Buildings & Grounds, Stewardship, Mission, Parish Life, Membership and so on. In the early autumn, Session members, in collaboration with their respective committees, begin to anticipate what funds would be required to execute their ministries as envisioned during the following year. The Administration Committee reviews the early and successive drafts of the Session budget, and recommends suggestions. The Stewardship campaign requests that members and friends of Faith Church offer their pledge cards on Commitment Sunday – this year on a Sunday in November. When the pledge cards have been received and totaled by the Finance Committee, the Session and Finance Committee will know whether they will be able to realize their plans for next year.

What percentage of Faith’s annual revenue is derived from pledges?
For us about 90% of the budgeted revenue is expected to come from pledges. It is generally considered a healthy indicator if 75% of church revenue derives from pledges.

If only 90% of Faith’s Revenue comes from pledges, where does the balance come from?
The balance of Faith’s Revenue comes from loose offerings in the collection plate and special gifts.

How much should I pledge?
This is a completely personal decision, between yourself and God. Giving to God is fundamentally different from giving to other charitable institutions. It is commanded by God in both the Old and New Testaments as an overt acknowledgement that God is the Giver of all we have. In the Old Testament, people were expected to “Tithe.” The word tithe means 10%. It is very difficult for many of us to tithe if we were not raised from childhood with the understanding that a tenth of all we have is expected to be given back. However, a good discipline is to take stock of what percentage we are presently giving, and to strive to increase our giving as a percentage going forward. Giving is supposed to hurt. If we live at the same level of affluence as someone at our same level of income, we are probably giving away too little. Sacrificial Giving means that there is something we will have to do without in order to make our gift possible. Through this practice, we honor God and acknowledge that:

“All things come of Thee, O Lord, and of Thine own have we given Thee.”

May I revise my pledge during the year?
Absolutely. In these times of economic uncertainty, people often experience unforeseen changes in circumstances, for better and for worse. Your pledge represents your best intention, based on your estimate of the amount you plan to give during a particular year. If you wish to revise your pledge, simply notify the Financial Secretary.

Who knows how much I pledge?
ALMOST NO ONE. We cannot reiterate this fact broadly enough. Your pledge is between yourself and God. It is an intensely personal decision. The Treasurer does not know the pledged amounts; neither does the Administration Committee; neither do members of the Session. A very few people do need to know the amount of your pledge, in order to prepare tax documents for your use, and to supply aggregate revenue figures to the Session for use in the budget preparation process. These individuals include the Chair of the Finance Committee and the Financial Secretary.

If I have more questions, who can I ask?
Feel free if to contact the Chair of the Finance Committee if you have any questions.


“As we travel, we give of ourselves along the way. We give of our time, our talent and our treasures. We give with joy, as Jesus taught. As we give, our hearts are lightened and once again, a new song pours forth.” 

– From the Faith Vision Statement