The 412

41221st Century Faith

Faith Presbyterian Church is excited to offer a community space located on the ground level of 412 Chestnut Street. With a little less than 1000 square feet, this space is ideal for hosting a gathering of 20-30 people.

The 412 space is an opportunity for the people of Emmaus to gather in any number of capacities. We hope community members will use this location to host events throughout the year. Our goal is simple; we hope to promote love and peace through community building. Our goal is NOT to evangelize, proselytize, or judge, but to bring life and community to Emmaus while earning the trust and friendship of our neighbors.

The 412 is an investment in community by the people of the Faith Presbyterian congregation who are trying to better understand what it means to love and help our neighbors unconditionally without any strings attached. To effectively promote love and peace in our community, we need to breakdown the barriers that keep us strangers. We hope the 412 location will enable us to do so.

For more information, please visit The 412 website or email. Also, find us on Facebook!

412: Frequently Asked Questions

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