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What is workcamp?

Workcamp is a unique experience that offers youth and adults an opportunity to serve God by an intensive week of community service to others by hands on home repair projects for needy families, while also receiving God’s blessing of personal spiritual growth. Many of these residents have seen their homes damaged by natural disaster and years of disrepair. Workcamp offers a fun, challenging, faith building mission adventure you’ll never forget. The trips are generally taken in July and our group chooses which camp to attend.

Who attends Workcamps?

High school students, college students, young at heart adults, or anyone 14 years old and above.

What about lodging?

Local schools or churches are used for lodging, using classrooms for sleeping, the cafeteria for eating, and the gym for evening programs. Participants bring air mattresses, sleeping bags, or other bedding to sleep in classrooms. Sleeping quarters will be shared with people from other youth groups. The facilities may or may not be air-conditioned, so plan accordingly. Locker room facilities will be available for showering. Meals are prepared in the school cafeteria by local kitchen staff.

What is a typical day at workcamp?

  • Workcampers start each day with an early breakfast and usually arrive at the work sites by 8:30 a.m.
  • During the day, work crews leave the school and remain at their work sites. (Picnic lunches are taken by the Workcampers to work sites.) Afternoon devotions are done on site.
  • The workday usually ends around 3:30 p.m., and Workcampers return to the school, where they have free time for cleaning up, recreation, games, and resting until the evening mealtime.
  • More free time following dinner leads up to an inspirational evening program— music, worship, prayer, drama, fun activities, and more.
  • After the program, Workcampers have evening devotions followed by free time, and then it’s lights out.

Faith Workcamps Locations:

1992 – Logan, WV
1993 – Thomasville, GA
1994 – Bolivar, TN
1995 – Monchs Corner, SC
1996 – Great Barrington, MA
1997 – Savannah, GA
1998 – Milford, NH
1999 – Owen Sound, ON
2000 – Rumford, ME
2001 – Chicago, IL
2002 – Lansing, MI
2003 – Newport, ME
2004 – Kenosha, WI

2005 – Marshfield, MA
2006 – Somerville, TN
2007 – Vandalia, OH
2008 – St. Louis, MI
2009 – Martinsburg, WV
2010 – Savannah, GA
2011 – Middletown, OH
2012 – Sutton, NH
2013 – Muskegon, MI
2014 – Rochester, NY
2015 – Rushville, IN
2016 – Cedar Grove, WV
2017 – Wintersville, OH
2018 – Virginia Beach, VA
2019 – Rushville, IN

28 Years of Faith Workcamps:

Ryan Allsop
Tatyana Alston
Dave Arney
Carolyn Baittinger
Joanna Baittinger
Judy Baittinger
John Barabas
Sara Baxter
Julie Benner
Rebecca Bilder
Erick Brewer
Jill Brewer
Gabrielle Burger
Jonna Burger
Bailey Clark
Emily Cole
Ed Coleman
Eddie Coleman
Ben Colson
Kip Coonley
Bryan Cope
Jack Decker
Jackie Decker
Marissa Decker
Lisa Decker
Tim Dooner
Colin Edwards
Chris Fahy
Carol Fry
Lynn Fry
Evan Gill
Daria Greb
Jenna Gross
Chad Gorr
Jessica Hartman
Rachel Heffner
Dan Hemberger
Kate Hemberger
Kathy Hemberger
Larry Hemberger
Tyler Hill
Bill Holzer
Lindsay Howorth
Steph Hutzayluk
Joey Hutzayluk

Jayme Ingram
Lynn Ingram
Mark Ingram
Rachel Ingram
Sam Jackson
Alex Kemps
Courtney Kemps
Clara Kennedy
Courtney Kennedy
Sadie Kennedy
Melanie Kramer
Josh Kreider
Niko Kreider
Emily LeFevre
Joy LeFevre
Trina LeFevre
Christina Leinweber
Greg Leinweber
Nick Leinweber
Christy Lillegard
Eric Lillegard
Jim Lillegard
Stephanie Lillegard
Tiffany Lillegard
Sarah Liming
Bryce Linden
Kelsey Linden
Dianne Macdonald
Sean Macdonald
Ester Marchetti
Joanne Marchetto
Andrew Martin
Phil Martin
Allison McCracken
Colin McKinnon
Lauren McKinnon
Shannon McKinnon
Jack Melnick
Meghan Melnick
Annie Mick
Liz Mick
Andrew Millick
Diane Millick
Grady Millick
Leigh Moring
Platte Moring
Will Moring
Brett Moss

Darren Ortiz
Gwen Osterwald
Laura Payea
Lauren Payea
Sarah Ratchke
Katie Rath
Sue Robinson
Joriah Rodriguez
Lauren Sammak
Laura Schaefer
Steve Seem
Joel Shimer
Rachel Shussett
Daniel Shussett
Christie Smits
Katie Smits
Dorothy Smits
Harvey Trop
Karen Trop
Suzy Venezia
Jan Vitale
Matt Vitale
Sarah Voros
Liz Walters
Katie Warner
Archer Waters
Cawley Waters
Emily Webb
Ella Wiese
Carole Wilson
Dave Wilson
Jess Wilson
Joanna Yen
Jonathan Yen
Justin Yen

For more information, please contact Dan Hemberger or Lynn Ingram.