Our church is effectively run by the volunteer leadership of several members. Each committee and many individual activities are supported by other active members. Listed below are the formal leaders of our community, broken into two groups: Deacons and Session.


Carolyn Baittinger
Donna Call
Maggie Haley
Liz Kenny
Kim Kreider
Beth Kunkle
Andrea Mauro
Ruth Rozsitch
Elaine Smits
Yvonne Stauffer
Beth Walker

Deb Ferguson, Moderator


Doug Boyd, Discipleship
Terry Eck, Membership
Sally Heimbach, Nominating
Jim Robinson, Celebration
Andy Ingram, Worship
Chuck Waters, Stewardship
John Gill, Mission
Dave Wilson, Fellowship
Bruce Luff, Administration/Finance

Clerk of Session: Ann Lowell

*The governing body of the church.  All Session members are Elders.

Financial Leadership:

Nelson Fernandez, Treasurer
Janie Slamon, Assistant Treasurer
Lynda Scheirer, Bookkeeper/Financial Secretary**

**Questions regarding giving can be directed to Bruce Luff, Admin Chair