exterior 2Our church is effectively run by the volunteer leadership of several members. Each committee and many individual activities are supported by other active members. Listed below are the formal leaders of our community, broken into two groups: Deacons and Session.


Eleanor DePhillips
Terry Eck
Deb Ferguson
Toni Fernandez
Luana Graber
Ann Greenwood
Joanne Herring
Donna Hill
Mark Ingram
Elaine Smits
Jana Masenheimer and Melanie Shimer, Co-Moderators


Jim DePhillips, Membership
Tim Melnick, Nominating
Lisa Heineman, Worship
Chuck Waters, Discipleship and Finance
Jack Decker and Rob Clark, Mission
Diane Millick, Fellowship
Erik Walker, Building and Grounds
Michele Somishka, Special Projects

Clerk of Session: Lynn Ingram 

Financial Leadership:

Nelson Fernandez, Treasurer
Janie Slamon, Assistant Treasurer
Sue Vitale, Financial Secretary

*The governing body of the church.  All Session members are Elders.

Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC):

Carolyn Baittinger
Jim DePhillips
Sally Heimbach
Joanne Herring
Jayme Ingram
Courtney Kennedy
Matt Somishka
Dave Wilson

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