A Guiding Vision for Faith Presbyterian Church: Journeying with Christ

We have God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit in the center of our lives, individually and as a community of believers. We are called to open our eyes and our hearts to Christ, and to journey with Him on the road from Emmaus. The road we take is a prayerful one; it is a road of discovery and surprise. It is walked hand-in-hand with others.

We are inclusive of all who travel on the road and all who seek to join us. Together, we joyfully praise God and passionately seek God’s word and will for us. We are continually learning, sharing and singing to the Lord a New Song.

We work and pray with our partners to spread the joy and the promise of the Gospel, both in our neighborhood and around the world. As we develop caring and prayerful relationships among ourselves and with those with whom we minister, our way is lit by “God Sightings” – the unexpected ways in which we encounter God throughout our day. As we serve God, we begin to live God’s word and will. We seek to know God’s voice, to hear God’s song, and to share it with others. We strive to leave the path we travel well-lit and inviting to others.

As we travel, we give of ourselves along the way. We give of our time, our talent and our treasures. We give with joy, as Jesus taught. As we give, our hearts are lightened and once again, a new song pours forth.

We acknowledge that the road is not always easy, and are eager to help those who are struggling along the way. Knowing our own brokenness, we cry with those who are grieved, share with those who are burdened, encourage those who are fearful. We lift one another up in our journeys, and look ahead to the time we can sing joyfully together once more.

We walk hand in hand with Jesus Christ, in whom we find strength. His strength gives us the courage to be honest, to share our struggles and fears with one another, to live into hope and continue forward on the road to claim the joy, grace and peace that is ours through Him. We dare to embark on this journey because we know that with God, we can accomplish more than we can ever imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)